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Dentist Whitening

Teeth Whitening London

Looking for the very best deal for Dentist Whitening in London? You can be assured that Our Beauty Therapy Direcory will connect you with some of the best practitioners in the industry and you will be dealing with people that you can trust and with whom you can feel comfortable. They are committed to the highest standards of care in Dentistry and are dedicated to improving the quality of life.

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Tooth Whitening London

La Dolce Vita translates directly from Italian as the sweet life and is an expression used to describe a life full of pleasure and indulgence. Good food, great wines, perhaps an after dinner cigar, these things all affect the brightness and whiteness of our teeth. Wine and cigarette smoke stain teeth. To whiten them you simply need to visit your local Morganville dentist.

Tooth whitening has become the most basic of procedures in the cosmetic dentistry industry as it is such a popular procedure. The beauty of our smiles is part of what makes us individual, but it can so easily be diminished by tooth discolouration. In many cases our genes affect tooth development and may leave us with weak enamel that is easily stained, or a poor diet may affect the strength of our enamel.

This can be due to minerals in your drinking water, your diet, or a genetic predisposition to weak or easily stained enamel. In some cases the enamel becomes stained due to the use of certain medications, like tetracycline, or normal wear and tear of tooth enamel causes discolouration.

Sometimes during tooth development fluorosis occurs. This happens with an excessive intake of fluorine occurs, mottling the tooth enamel. Once the teeth have become stained the only safe and effective way to whiten them again is to make a visit to your dentist.

You will be advised on a suitable method of tooth whitening depending on how badly the teeth are stained. Most dentists will employ a painless enamel whitening process that lasts about ninety minutes and is done in their offices.

It is a painless solution to your teeth discolouration problems. You may be required to follow up the procedure with continued bleaching at home, which involves the use of a bleaching tray which is worn for several hours each day. The bleaching procedure may continue for up to four weeks for best results. Whitening may be required every few years to maintain the appearance of your teeth.

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